Online booking process:

First, select the dates and location for the pick up & drop off.
After that you will be shown all available vehicles for your rental period together with the total price (including all taxes). Remember that Scooters & ATVs can only be picked up at our agency.
All rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis and rates vary depending on seasonality. During high season one day rentals might not be accepted.

In case the return of the vehicle is later than the time written on the contract (the 24-hour cycle), for every hour, 1/3 of the price will be charged.
A delay of more than 3 hours will cost a full days rental.

After selecting your favorite vehicle you will be redirected to a new page to confirm the reservation details. In this step you may add children/baby car seats at the bottom of the page without extra charge.

In the next step you must fill out your personal details under “Customer Details” or search for a existing customer in our database if you have booked with us online before.
In order to continue to the confirmation page for your order, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and provide us with all the required personal data.
This page is secured and all data is encrypted. In case there is a deposit/prepayment required in order to confirm your reservation it appears on this page under “Pay now/at pick-up”. The amount under “Pay later” is the remaining balance that you will have to pay once you pick up the vehicle.
By confirming a new page will appear saying following: “Your reservation was received. Reservation code RXXXXXXXX. Invoice sent to your email address”.


Cancelling or Modifying your booking:

You can always cancel up to 72 hours before the rental starts, free of charge. After 72 hours before rental start or incase of no show either a) a fee equal to one days rent (in EUR) will be charged to card details provided OR b) the deposit/prepayment will not be refunded. If the pick up time has passed, then the reservation cannot be cancelled. Note that there are exceptions on special vehicles during high season (i.e. non refundable bookings) and you will be notified about this in writing by email.

In order to make a modification, you have to contact us by email for approval. Last minute modifications may not be accepted.


Payment Options:

Pay at Pick-Up – This option, where available, allows you to pay for your rental when you pick up the vehicle. Cash and card payments are accepted.  A Credit Card Authorization form will have to be filled out in order to pay for the deposit and secure the rental.

Pay with a Bank Transfer – Make a bank transfer directly to our bank account:

Bank Details
IBAN: GR5202601160000580201121815 (Euro)
Bank Address: Evg.Voulgarews 97 & Agias Sofias
P.C. 49100, Corfu, Greece

In case a booking is not confirmed for any reason, you will receive a cancellation e-mail and any deposits/payments will be refunded.

Please make sure to provide us with the right email, phone number and delivery information.


Kindly note that we do not accept AMEX or Diners.


Pick up & Drop off


After Hour pick up & drop off:

The possibility of renting a vehicle outside business hours (21:00 to 09:00) exists in most locations; however, an additional charge for “out of working hours” service may apply and will be mentioned in step 2 of the booking process.

Picking up your vehicle:

The details of the delivery for the rental vehicle, as well as contact information is included in the confirmation email.
In case of delivery at the Port, a representative from the our car rental company will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name or a sign with our car rental company name



The rental rates always include third party insurance.

Car Insurance C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver) is optionally available at an extra cost as follows:

For Groups A – B (Economy – Compact) with deductible (excess) the first 500€ at 10€ daily
Groups C, D, E (Midsize, Smart, Jimny) with deductible (excess) the first 700€ at 15€ daily
Groups C2, S, S1 (Smart Cabrio, Fiat500)  with deductible (excess) the first 850€ at 15€ daily
Groups G1 – G2, L1 – L3, W (Jeep, Audi, Range Rover)  with deductible (excess) the first 1.500€ at 25€ daily

Scooters 50 cc with deductible (excess) the first 350€ at 5€ daily
Scooters 125-150 cc with deductible (excess) the first 400€ at 5€ daily
ATVs 50cc with deductible (excess) the first 500€ at 5€ daily
ATVs 150cc with deductible (excess) the first 600€ at 5€ daily
ATVs 450cc-550cc with deductible (excess) the first 800€ at 10€ daily
UTV (Can Am) with deductible (excess) the first 1.500€ at 25€ daily

Mechanical damages (including damage to the clutch, transmission and in general underneath the car) are not covered by the C.D.W Collision damage waiver Insurance. Damages to tires, breaking of glass is not covered by any insurance.


Exceptions to C.D.W

antennas, mirrors, lights, windows, windshield wipers, loss of registration plates,
trays, hubcaps, gas cap, wheels, tire punctures, burst tires, fuel errors, battery,
car jacks, damage to the car locks, loss or damage of keys or spare key, warning triangles,
damage or extreme dirtiness to the exterior or the interior of the vehicle, underside damage, damage to the seats or child/baby seats, theft of vehicle accessories or personal belongings that were in the rented vehicle.
Theft or loss of the vehicle.

In case of loss or damage of vehicle key during the rental, the renter is liable for following charges:

For Groups A, B  total cost 80,00€
Groups C, D, E total cost 150,00€
Groups D1, G, G1, G2, W, C2, S, S1,  total cost 300,00€

For Scooters total cost 30,00-50,00€

For ATVs total cost 50,00€-100,00€

We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings during or after the rental.

Availability & Vehicle type:

Although we make every effort in order to reserve a specific type of vehicle, we are unable to guarantee a particular make, model or fuel of vehicle.
Rent a car Paxos reserves the right of providing a vehicle of same or higher category in case the vehicle category booked is not available or providing a replacement of any vehicle available until that time that the reserved vehicle becomes available.

All rental vehicles are insured for a maximum number of passengers. For your safety, this number should not be exceeded or otherwise the insurance will be invalidated and a fine will be charged. Please make sure the vehicle you book is big enough for your needs.


Rental Agreement

The rental firm Rent a car Paxos (owner), does hereby rent to the person signing this agreement (renter), acting for himself and/or by behalf of any other person or entity which has undertaken the obligation to pay the rent and any other charges incurred under this agreement which includes the vehicle described on the first page with all tires, tools, accessories, equipment, keys, lock and vehicle documents. As above renter is subject, strictly or exclusively, to the terms and special agreements herein and on the front page of this agreement, printed or written.

  1. Renters, if more than one, jointly and/or separately undertake all obligations deriving herein form and that they shall then cover towards the owner, as well as all owners legal claims delivering from or pertaining to, or related to this agreement and it’s performance.
  2. By this agreement, which is considered to be a receipt for the delivery of the vehicle, it is specifically agreed that the vehicle shall be used by the renter in full compliance of its provisions. Renter does not acquire any other whatsoever right on the vehicle. Any service to, or replacement of parts or accessory to vehicle during rental must have owners prior approval.
  3. Renter shall return the vehicle and all its accessories to owner in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear, to location where rented or to such as set forth on the first page, if such, and on the date specified herein. Any delay in returning the vehicle, if without a notice, gives the right to the owner to repossess the vehicle through procedures applying in case of theft. In this case owner may claim any/all damages/losses he may have suffered, days of rental lost etc. (regardless the “CDW” clause). If vehicle is returned late, and for every hour, renter shall pay a fee equal to 1/5 of the daily rental charge and in addition the cost of CDW, if such, until 5 hours pass, after that the fee is equivalent to one full days rental.
  4. Owner reserves the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally  in case vehicle is driven illegally or if owner he suspects renter will not use vehicle according to all terms and/or in violation of traffic laws and regulations and/or violation of any herein set forth terms have been noticed. Such termination may be through the police. The owner, as well, reserves the right to terminate this agreement anytime offering a replacement vehicle provided this does not change essentially what has been initially agreed. By and from the time of such unilateral termination of the agreement rental is dissolved and all consequences of article 3 above apply.
  5. Should the vehicle or accessory be damaged or lost during rental, renter is obliged, independently and regardless of cause from any default to pay the owner right away without any objection, the amount of such loss or damage, the transport charges and prevailing retail price, plus owners relative expenses, including loss of use.

Damages to tires/wheels, breaking of glass/mirrors or any damage to the transmission or clutch is not covered by any insurance and is paid by the renter if damaged during rental.

Repair values are paid as per estimation of the vehicle type official dealer in Paxos or any if such is not available locally. Repair shop is selected by the owner. The value of the vehicle lost is the prevailing retail price of such official dealer, including the cost for circulation plates/number, cost of loss of use of vehicle at least equal to rent per day for vehicle lost.

If the vehicle is used in accordance with all terms and conditions of this agreement, renters liability for damage caused to vehicle, having arisen from collision or not or other considered comprehensive losses, providing additionally that vehicle was used in full compliance with all traffic regulations in the force, is determined as follows: If a renter accepts collision damage waiver “CDW” renters liability is reduced to the amount set on the first page of this agreement. If not accepted renter is only covered by Thhird Party Insurance.

Collision damage waiver “CDW” is owners waiver or renters responsibility. If vehicle is used by persons other than renter or additional renter or in other violation of this agreement renters shall be responsible to owner regardless if he has accepted “CDW” or not.

  1. The renter is expected to look after the vehicle carefully and notify owner if anything should arise. This includes the mechanical condition, oil, water, tires etc. Any repair of the vehicle by the renter himself or other party designated by the renter is not allowed without owners prior written consent.

Violations. In particular vehicle shall not be used:

  • A) by third person without first obtaining owners consent or by anyone who is not a qualified driver or by anyone else who’s license has been issued within 12 months from the rental dates or who’s driving license has been withheld, revoked or suspended within the previous years.
  • B) to carry persons more than them mentioned on the vehicle license regardless cause. Violation of this gives the owner the right to impose a fine paid by the renter.
  • C) to be used for hire to third part or in any way use as transportation in exchange of money.
  • D) to drive or park within restricted areas, for example in the city center or on the beach.
  • E) to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.
  • F) In any race, test or contest.
  • G) for any illegal purpose or commission of a crime.
  • H) to instruct an unlicensed person.
  • I) To overload the vehicle beyond its capacity (see 6B).
  • J)To travel outside of Paxos unless otherwise here in stipulated.
  • K) While under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants like drugs or narcotics.
  • L) on other than a paved or graded road or driveway.
  • M) In an unsafe, reckless, negligent  way.
  • N) Not in full compliance to traffic laws and regulations.

Such prohibited use of the vehicle is in violation of this agreement and if occurred voids all liabilities, making vehicles subject to immediate recovery by the owner. Voids “CDW” and the renter will be held responsible for all loss or damage to vehicle regardless of cause, including, but not limited to, owners expenses and loss of use.

  1. Owner is not responsible for any loss of renters personal property carried by the vehicle and/or abandoned in it during or after rental regardless of cause.
  2. All charges and other amounts billed in connection to this agreement are to be paid by renter in cash at the beginning of rental and in case of cancellation there is no refund of money. Use of a credit card may be excepted by the owner.
  3. Calculations of the charges which the renter excepts to pay to the owner or the following:
  • A) rent is charged on a daily basis if not mentioned otherwise minimum charge is one day.
  • B) if vehicle is returned with less fuel then when rented, renter shall pay for refueling. Over fueling is not refunded.
  • C) the “CDW“ term, when applicable, is charged at daily basis.
  • D) value of any and all taxes and other fees imposed of this agreement and relative invoice.
  • E) all fines and/or penalties imposed by state of municipal or other competent authority, legal expenses and any and all other expenses imposed on the renter during rental period mainly due to violation of traffic laws and regulations and illegal parking fines, regardless cause.
  • F) charges pertaining to the loss of use for the owner because of fines imposed and relative to it administrative retention of vehicle. Equal at least to rental value according to this agreement, recovery expenses and all other expenses and all the expenses related to the performance of this agreement.
  • G) Interest on all past due amounts at the rate of the 25% a per annum.

All above debiting is subject to audit. If upon audit an error is found renter excepts his supplementary debiting regardless if paid in cash or by credit card.

  1. Third-party insurance. Renter is being covered during rental by insurance policy in accordance with Greek legislation for third-party liability protection.
  2. Renters shall promptly report all accidents involving vehicle to both owners and the police regardless cause directly. Should renter fail to do so or the latest within 24 hours, the insurance cover as described under paragraph 10 above is nullified and void and the owner has no responsibility whatsoever, being always entitled to claim whatever amount he has been obliged to pay as well as for renumeration for losses and damages if then defined by the owner because of his responsibility as such.
  3. Renter is responsible for all traffic and parking violations, fines and penalties and shall promptly report such to the owner the latest within 24 hours or at the return of the vehicle, which ever occurs first, regardless cause, being obliged to cooperate with the owner for release. If applicable to any case of renters negligence he is responsible for any/all additional damages to the owner.
  4. This agreement and it’s performance shall be governed by Greek Laws and any and all disputes or claims shall be judged by the competent Greek courts of Kerkyra (regardless of other local jurisdiction). Executed on the date and in the place set forth on the front page.


The terms and conditions as well as the rental agreement signed on pick-up are governed by local laws and are legally binding on the hirer.