May 22, 2022

How to get to Paxos Island

Since Paxos does not have an airport, most people fly to Corfu and then transit to Paxos via hydrofoil, water taxi, or ferry. You can reach Paxos either from mainland (Igoumenitsa) or Corfu. Corfu has only one airport, ‘Kapodistrias,’ which is near to Corfu Town aprox 10-15 minutes with a taxi.

From April to late October, direct flights to Corfu are available from most European airports. To prevent missing the final hydrofoil, early morning departures are essential. You will need a taxi from Corfu airport to port. A lot of taxis are always outside of the airport, so you don’t have to worry.

There may be a lag between transfers, but the harbor amenities are great, including a luggage storage area. In Corfu port you will find a cafe, and the offices of the ferry companies operating the trip between Corfu and Paxos.

From Igoumenitsa there are 2 ferry companies operating the trip between mainland and Paxos :

Kerkyra lines

Kerkyra Seaways

From Corfu there are only passenger boats and the companies operating the trip between the two islands are Kamelia Lines and Joy Cruises.

Kamelia Lines
Corfu Office
+30 2661 0 40372

Paxos Office
+30 2662 0 32131
 +30 2662 0 32772

Ilida Dolphin (Joy Cruises)
Corfu Office
+30 2661 0 49800,

Paxos Office
+30 26620 32401

Other ways to reach Paxos is with a private sea taxi which are available 24/7. The cost for a private transfer is between 300 – 350 euro. If there are more people you can share a private sea taxi.

Normally if there is no option of hydrofoil or Despina on that day, there are always others on the sea taxi so don’t be put off by the cost.

Sea taxi contact details

Arrival in Paxos

Once you arrive in Paxos, if you have booked a car, scooter or quad with our company of course will be available at Gaios port without extra fees. Otherwise, we can deliver your rental at your villa / house.

If you wish to hire a taxi we totally recommend you to book one prior to your arrival. We have only 5 taxi and in the high season period you may strungle to find one.

Taxi Drivers in Paxos


We wish you an unforgettable stay in Paxos Island, and we will be extremely happy to help you with car hire, scooter hire or quad hire.

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